Dagadu’s Dreams

On the dark night King Vikrama set out to catch Baral with his open sword. And by checking the cruelty with her power, she takes control of her back. By the time of the trip, Vikram’s purpose is to keep the story and just like the state:

If you hear the story after the story, fly in the mouth.

The weak story begins to hear.

In the village Chandanpura there was an old woman. He had a son named Dagadu. The woman made her own belly after work on the clothes. Dabud was a writer and lazy child. And I dreamed day and night. There was a big problem with Dagadu, who came with old dreams. And when a nightmare came, this dream came true.

One day Dagdoo dreams that some people plunder a new couple and a process. And she also looked at her. Dagadu, who has seen in the dream The girl who represents the same friend goes back to the mother of Dagadu to help her partner to heal her. Dabdhu immediately talks about his dreams. The girl tells her mother and wife. But everyone understands this dream as a hypocrisy and ignores it.

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After marriage, if the woman and the brothers go to the process. Then the dream incident actually occurs. And with all this incident there are revelations in the turban that he wants to succeed the robbers, or else how he can know it will happen. And without doubt Dhudhu beat all people very excited.

A few days after the incident, Dagadu dreams of dreaming of a new Chowdhury home in the Mohalla that fire will be on the day of the entry. The next day, Chaudharyan goes to a fool to build this house, and goes to Dagadu’s mother. And he invites you to come to Jalsa on the day of the feast.

At the same time, the love of the dream immediately reaches its mother and Chaudharyan. Choudhuryan gets angry at read-yellow. And in the service they start Dagadu’s mother telling that his son is just a black speaker, and his words make everyone angry. Choudharyan, when he heard a lively fire, drove the mother away from her son.

Long-Term Arrangements are made to ensure that there is no prevention at the festival. Yet, there is one fire in the curtains of the great house of Chaudharyan, and when you see the sound shape, the whole house is burned and burned. Because Dagadu had already said, all his black jokes were interrupted by him and killed him by the death of him.

Dabud does not understand why people become angry when they learn the truth. Well, Dagadu goes to another state, where he has the job in the night to do the pods.

The next day, the king, Sonpur, must do a job. So he tells the queen he must have breakfast in the morning.

Dagadu protects the palace at night. If it is dark, it sleeps. And then he dreams that there is an earthquake in Sonpur and that all people die there. The board waits and starts to wake up.

Dagadu hears the son of the king’s son. Only then can he stop his car and tell the king what his dream is. Raja annulates the program to go to Sonpur. And the next day comes the news that there is a lot of earthquake in Sonpur and no survivors have survived.

The king called the name Dabaru to the court, gave him a golden chain and left him out of the job.


The story ends at the bar to hear this story. And Raja asks Vikrama why Raja prays to Dagadu? And why did you take the prize in the face of the work?

King Vikram replies that … Dagadu preserved the king’s life through the story of Amangal Sawpan’s story and gave him the chance to defeat the gold in the prize. And the turban fell into action at work, and the king rejected him from the labor.

By his state he broke out of the tree by the response of King Vikram and flew back.

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